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What is up with the yoga mat market?

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The yoga mat market is expected to rise by 7% in the next four years. This economic rise has been attributed to the governmental bodies around the world calling for more health awareness from their citizens. As result, the yoga mat market has reaped many rewards.
Some of the most Common Yoga mat Trends
So what, you may ask caused such an increase in sells in the yoga mat market. There have been three key major trends that have all led to the rise of the yoga mat market and these are:
• The use of sustainable raw material • The Rising popularity of yoga - Yoga has now ben researched, studied and proven to have a plethora of beneficial attributes that come with engaging in a yoga exercise. • The increase of gyms around the world - Thanks to many government requests to get their citizens in shapes, the rise of gyms have sprung up across many continents.
These three major factors have all hand their role in helping the yoga mat market to experience a rise in sales. All of these facts have been, for the most part, initiated by the government's concern for the health and care of the citizens.
Regions of the world where yoga mats are selling the most
The regions of the world where yoga mats are sold the most are:
• North America: United States of America, Canada, Mexico (The entirety of the North American Continent) • South America: Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia • Europe: Germany, UK, Italy, Russia and France • Middle East: Saudi Arabia and UAE • Africa: Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa • Asia: South Korea, China, India, and the Southeast region • Oceania: Australia
As illustrated above there are many countries where many of the citizens are buying yoga mats which have really risen the yoga market. Although the list above shows certain countries, it is important to know that these are the countries where yoga mats sale the most. These countries make it in the top 20 countries around the world that sell yoga mats the most.
Who is selling them
The most successful vendors in the yoga mat marketplace right now are:
• Barefoot Yoga • Gaiam • JadeYoga • Manduka
For many individuals who engage in a yoga exercise or any other indoor activity, they are most likely using a yoga mat from one of this supplier.
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